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Not really! The lava burns were painful and I'm also going to be in debt for life!

Tan is an athlete in Algicosathlon. He got eliminated first because he is a n00b, and couldn't make it in the bowl.


Tan was a "n00b" in Day 1. He complains a lot and did the worst out of everyone.

Tan particulary hated Purple due to Purple securing the last safe spot in Day 1, making Tan the first eliminated. Purple eventually won Algicosathlon, much to the anger of Tan.


Tan did horrible in the 1st contest, he was in the bottom 2 with Purple but Purple beat him, causing him to fall to last and be eliminated and on day 3 and 5 he was seen screaming with the other eliminated contestants in a vat of lava.

However, in Day 15, he was an excellent cycler, and, along with Cyan, were the final two remaining in Yellow’s team.

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