Purple is an athlete in Algodecathlon and Algicosathlon. She was eliminated first in Algodecathlon due to her bad running, but became first in Algicosathlon.



She was nice from the beginning until around day 11.

Purple is very sassy. She tends to be mean to many contestants such as Lime, Blue, Yellow, Lavender, and Navy.

She’s especially mean to Pink because she "Brutally injured her with her bowling ball". She wanted to get revenge on Pink for this. On Day 7, she said Pink "was an idiot for thinking the rocks were rigged".



On Day 7, Purple called Pink an idiot for not knowing how to break the rocks, and saying they were rigged. On Day 11, Pink brutally injured Purple with her bowling ball. Purple then wanted to get revenge on Pink because of that.

Status: Enemies


  • Even though Purple is mean to Pink, they're both in Blue's alliance.
  • Purple is really bad at moving carts. She kicked one of his pearls out, despite this she beat Lime.
  • In Algodecathlon, Purple placed last. However, in Algicosathlon, Purple got first place.
  • When Purple got a 1st place medal, she said: "YOYLECAKE!", a reference to Battle for Dream Island, a series made by Jacknjellify.
  • Purple won in Algicosathlon, even though she almost got eliminated in Day 1.
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