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Olive is an athlete in Algicosathlon. He was eliminated by having the most votes, placing him in 8th.


Most well-known for his bubbly personality, Olive managed to compete in Carykh's Algicosathlon until he was voted out by the fans right before Day 10. Although, it has rumored his elimination was unfair, as Yellow received more elimination votes than he did, though this is not official.


  • Like Blue, Navy, and Lavender, Olive got 8th in the first challenge and coincidentally got 8th overall.
  • Olive may have a strange reaction to Lime due to his bike getting mangled on his causing them to fall into the abyss in BMX cycling on Day 8.
  • Carykh said Olive got the most votes in Day 10 and he was eliminated, BUT Yellow has the most votes at a vote of 162-132.
  • Olive is the first ever athlete to be eliminated for receiving the highest number of votes by fans.
  • According to Carykh, Olive was the least-favored athlete of all 16
  • He likes gum drops, which signifies that colors eat candy.
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