Navy, and his team lose the 5th challenge.

Jump Navy Jump

Navy nearly misses falling into the abyss.

Navy is a male athlete in the Algodecathlon and Algicosathlon. He,in the Algodecathlon, was the 4th eliminated, after Purple, Blue, and White. In Algicosathlon, he was the 6th eliminated, after Tan, Cyan, Red, Brown, and Magenta.

Gender Male
Day Eliminated 6
Place 11
Friends Olive (brother), Cyan, Blue, Green, Lime, Magenta, Tan, Brown
Enemies Lavender, Red (archenemy), Pink


Navy’s personality is clearly a mean person he resembled either Snowball in BFDI or Alejandro/Scott from Total Drama, specifically toward his enemies.

To his non-friends he is relatively casual, like Black Hole from BFDIA-BFB.

To his friends he is casual to enthusiastic, depending on how high the "friend level" is, like Firey in BFDI.

Despite having a changing personality he has a lot of friends, even having a brother Olive.

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