Magenta Curse is a curse in Algodoo, started by Jack Spero.

The Magenta Curse

The Magenta Curse

How the Magenta Curse started

In Jack Spero's Algicosathlon, Magenta took 25 minutes to get in bowl, so he was very mad at her. Ever since then, this thing called the Magenta Curse started.

Ever since Day 11, The Magenta curse rose in popularity. With many people like Erikfasset, John Dubuc, Randome, etc making Magenta Curse related stuff.

How can Algodoo marbles get the Magenta Curse

They can receive the Magenta Curse easily, just by touching a magenta marble, or sometimes by other means.

What happens if you get the Magenta Curse

In one of John Dubucs' video, nearing the end, the reporter got the Magenta Curse, showing that he has Magenta spots on his face and is coughing.

How the Magenta Curse got cured

In one of Erikfassets' videos, at the end, he found a/the giant seed and a giant plant which can cure thousands of marbles who have the Magenta Curse.

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