Algicosathlon Day 3

Algicosathlon Day 3

Algicosathalon Day 3


The Race is on

So it was a archery challenge and the light team vs the dark team and Pink,Orange and Magenta are the survivors on the light team while Blue and Purple are the survivors on the dark team after the second round the dark team lost but Blue won many bouners points Green Fell On As Green In Blue Lotty Lobbyer

Light Team Dark Team


Larvender7th Brown4th Red6th Gray3rd Yellow5th Purple2nd Lime4th. Blue1st Pink3rd Magenta2nd Orange1st Round 2 Blue2nd Purple1st

Places For Eilminated

Red 12th 14th Place 96 Eilminated

Olive Brown Magneta Blue Green Gray Pink Lime Yellow

Purple Navy Orange Lavender

First (Olive) Last(Orange) Eliminated(Red)

1st Olive41.2

2nd Purple42.8 3rd Green44.8 4th Gray44.0 5th Brown45.3 6th Yellow46.2 7th Magenta46.5 8th Pink47.5 9th Lavender49.2 10th Lime49.3 11th Navy49.4 12th Red50.6 13th Blue50.7 14th Orange54.5

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