Lap 1: Everyone hasn't fallen yet, For Now

Algicosathlon Day 2

Algicosathlon Day 2

So it start of with the first crash

Orange almost lost his balance but instead Brown lost his balance and crashed Lime,Lavender,Blue,Red and Olive. During the second crash Gray lost his balance and knocked down Green and Cyan. At Lap 10 Cary said it was boring so he placed a speed bump. Orange hit the speed bump and was 6th. Magenta then hit the speed bump, she nearly survived, but she sent Pink flying away, who then hit Yellow before falling of eventually. It is down to Purple and Navy, but soon Purple hit the speed bump and fell off, leaving Navy.

15th: Lavender

14th: Blue

13th: Lime

12th: Brown

11th: Red

10th: Olive

9th: Cyan

8th: Gray

7th: Green

6th: Orange

5th: Magenta

4th: Yellow

3rd: Pink

2nd: Purple

1st: Navy


1. Yellow [160 Points]

2. Navy [158 Points]

3. Orange [108 Points]

4. Purple [107 Points]

5. Pink [85 Points]

6. Brown [59 Points]

7. Magenta [57 Points]

8. Lime [46 Points]

9. Lavender [33 Points]

10. Green [33 Points]

11. Red [32 Points]

12. Blue [30 Points]

13. Olive [30 Points]

14. Gray [29 Points]

Winner of Event: Navy

Last in Event: Lavender

Eliminated: Cyan [22 Points]

Even though Navy was first in this event he got 2nd place in the Leaderboards because he only Got got 8 points at the previous event. It was also because Yellow, winner of the previous event, was also pretty good in this particular event, placing 4th

Cyan with Points 22 Is Eliminated at Algicosathlon Day 2 Next: Day 3, November 20th 2012

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