Algodecathlon is the first season of the Algodoo.


In the first day, twelve athletes competed, which were:

They did track and field 100 meters. Orange won the event, being first place. The first athlete to be eliminated from the season was Purple, with 0 points. Yellow was at risk of being eliminated. Then they did discus throw, and it was in ranking order, and Red won the event, being at the top of the leaderboard. There was a cliffhanger where Brown and Blue tied, and in the next day they will do a tiebreaker.

In the second day, Brown and Blue are doing the tiebreaker to see who will be eliminated. The tiebreaker has gamechangers, ball supplies, death pits for the athletes, and they will be thrown at a vat of lava. Brown got the first ball, where Blue got the second. Brown won the tiebreaker and is safe, and Blue was eliminated with 5 balls and 4 points. The third event was swimming. Pink won the event, and Navy lost with last place in the event. White was eliminated with 12 points. The fourth event was pole vault. Pink won the event, Red got second place, and Yellow got third place. And with 17 points, Navy was eliminated, and Brown was at risk of being eliminated.

In the third day, eight athletes remain. They did gymnastics, where there were three types of penalties, which were hitting the ceiling, not landing on feet, and getting out of bounds. It was on ranking order, and Brown won, and Yellow lost. And Dark Green was eliminated with 45 points.

In the fourth day, seven athletes remain. The event was hurdles. Green won, and Orange almost won, but got second place. Gray lost because he twitched, making him lose time to finish. With 66 points, Gray was eliminated because he leaped. And the game reached the half-way mark with six athletes remaining (Orange, Red, Pink, Green, Brown, and Yellow) They did diving, where a smaller splash is better. The second tiebreaker occured, with Green and Pink were in the tie. And the viewers were allowed to give them balls for the tiebreaker to help them out.

In the fifth day, the tiebreaker occured. Green's stash shoots faster so both shooters would empty at the same time. Green got the first ball in his death pit, while Pink narrowly got her first ball on it. A green ball fell on Green, and many balls fell on the lava. Pink was eliminated with 114 points and Green was safe. The final five did the next event, where it was cycling. And the athletes where surprisingly in rainbow order. And during the event, Brown, Red and Orange crashed. Yellow won the event. Brown, Red and Yellow did the tiebreaker, and Brown ended up winning. Orange was eliminated with 160 points. Orange said that he couldn't be eliminated because he won the Amazing Marble Race, or at least his head did.

In the sixth day, four athletes remain, which were Brown, Green, Red and Yellow. The event was volleyball, in tournament style. They had clones during the event, and first to get 5 points wins. The first match of the preliminary round was Green vs. Yellow. Yellow got the first point of the game, and the game tied when Green got his first point. Green was the winner of the round. The next round was Red vs. Brown. Brown claimed the first point of the round. Red was the winner of the round, and the left side won for the first time. The loser's round was Yellow vs. Brown. Yellow claimed the first two points of the round. Brown was the winner of the round. Green and Red competed in the winner's round, where Red won the first point. Green lost to Red with less than 4 points. With 272 points, Brown was eliminated, and the final three athletes were Red, Green and Yellow, and the last event is track and field, 1500 meters.

In the seventh (final) day, the final three did track and field 1500 meters, with a viewer-voted start point. Green started the farthest, and Yellow started away from Green and Red. After 35 seconds, Red got the lead from Green, and Yellow was far away from the two. Green got the lead back, and Yellow has reached Green and Red. Green was the winner of the Algodecathlon, Red was second, and Yellow was third.


  1. Green (572, winner)
  2. Red (535, runner-up)
  3. Yellow (428)
  4. Brown (272)
  5. Orange (160)
  6. Pink (114)
  7. Gray (66)
  8. Dark Green (45)
  9. Navy (17)
  10. White (12)
  11. Blue (4)
  12. Purple (0)
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