Scoreboard is male and female athlete, not in normal algicosathlon or algodecathlon.

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Athletes Points Placing Day Eliminated Event Eliminated Ranking
Purple 69,916 1st N/A N/A The Winner
Yellow 63,671 2nd 15 Weightlifting 2/Race to the Bowl 3/BMX Cycling 3 The Runner Up
Lime 33,061 3rd 14 Pearl Catching The 2nd Runner Up
Pink 20,063 4th 13 Wrestling The Good Player
Lavender 12,614 5th 12 Weightlifting/Weightholding The Other Good Player
Blue 7,236 6th 11 Bowling The Nice Guy
Orange 4,843 7th 10 Nighttime Baby Transportation on Horseback The Underdog
Olive 3,367 8th 10 Hockey The Ugly Guy
Gray 2,211 9th 8 BMX Cycling 2 The Neutral Guy
Green 1,516 10th 8 Race To The Bowl 2 The Season 1 Winner
Navy 445 11th 6 Basketball The Kind of Mean Guy
Magenta 302 12th 5 Rowing The 2nd Noob
Brown 154 13th 4 Long Jumping The Certain Elimination
Red 96 14th 3 Sled Dog Racing The 2nd unfair elimination?
Cyan 22 15th 2 BMX cycling The Unfair Elimination
Tan 1 16th 1 Race To The Bowl The Noob/Loser
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