Magenta is an athlete in the Algicosathlon. Some think Magenta is male, some think Magenta is female.


Magenta's personality is like Match from BFDI. She gets very annoying at times.

Memories of Magenta

Magenta started with 9th.

She made Pink fall in the second challenge and placed 5th. Because of this good performance, he/she then rose to 7th.

On Day 3, Magenta was on the light color team. Her/His team won, so she rose to 5th. She was one of the 5 survivors. After the next challenge, she fell to 9th.

On Day 4, she didn't jump very far. As a result, she fell to 11th.

On day 5, she was on the A-M team. Her team won, so she rose to 8th. She was the worst rower. She then fell to last place and was eliminated. This made Blue and Lavender sad. Magenta, Red, Cyan and Tan were screaming in lava while Brown was making a dying sound.

Magenta Curse

It's a curse in Algodoo. See more at Magenta Curse.