Lime is a male athlete in the Algicosathlon, and one of the final three colors along with Yellow and Purple.

Appearance and Personality

Lime is Green in Algodecatlon, except that Lime has a bolder color. He is kind, compassionate and determined to stay in the game.

Memories of Lime

From the start, Lime was known as the first one to be painfully squished between the spinners.

Despite this difficulty, Lime still managed to get 4th in the event. That's good, but not as good as Lime's overall placement - 3rd.

Brown and Orange's terrible crash made Lime fall third. This terrible performance dropped Lime from 4th to 8th - now in the bottom half out of 14!

Though Lime died in the archery team event, Lime's team won. This had no effect on Lime's rank; it was still 8th.

Lime nearly tied Lavender in the sled-dog race, but both their performances were poor, so Lime fell to 10th/13. It was the lowest rank Lime would ever have.


  • Lime is one of the few athletes to place himself higher than the first challenge.


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