Green is an athlete in Algodecathlon and Algicosathlon. He came first in Algodecathlon, but got 10th in Algicosathlon.


Green is a kind and determined color. He is in a duo with Cyan, but both got eliminated pretty soon.


Green is a determined athlete who means to do well but sometimes can collapse at challenges, got 8th in Algodecathlon known as Dark Green but ended up 10th in Algicosathlon on day 8 along with Gray. He is also very kind, shown by a shout-out about how he skipped over Purple in the first BMX challenge. He is also teased often. Green saves Purple

Memories of Green

Green, who looks a bit like the winner of the Algodecathlon, started off at the back of the pack. Only Purple and Tan did worse.

Despite desperately needing to step up, Green did not do well on the second event. He fell during the second crash. However, Green did avoid Purple on the way down, as an act of kindness.

During the archery event, Green fell over before being hit. His team lost.

The sled-dog race was Green's first success. His front flip was wonderful, and he got third place. However, on the scoreboard, Green was still in the bottom half.

Green did pretty good on the long jump. Even after all of this, Green was STILL in the bottom half, but barley: 7th/12

Green's team won the icosahedron contest. He rode to 5th place, finally above average!

Green rode adequately, but he fell to 7th place.

Green's basketball were 4th to enter the basket. Green rose to 5th again!!!

Day 8 was a bad day for Green. The viewers hated Green and gave him only 242 points. In addition, he failed the excavation contest. If Day 8 had an elimination, he would be gone.

Green did okay on the second RTTB, and ended with a violent finish. But it wasn't enough to overcome his disadvantage. Green was eliminated.


  • Green's pose from Algicosathlon 15 is just a reused version of Purple's. This happened to Red and Gray as well. 

    Green's second pose.

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