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Cyan is an athlete on the CaryKH Algicosathlon, but people really did not know him much though, due to his early elimination.

He won the John Dubuc Algicosathlon.


Cyan is generally a person who stays away from the others and prefers to hide in the shadows. His strategy was to lay low until near the end, but this was blown by Gray's crash on Day 2, causing Cyan to hate him. He is shown to also be oberly reliant on Blue and Navy, which suggested he was rather weak and thus was eliminated early.


In Day 1, Cyan placed 13th, which was just three spots away from elimination. He got 4 points.

In Day 2, Gray accidentally lost control on his bike, and Cyan and Green was right behind him. Cyan, Green and Gray slipped, making Cyan eliminated with 22 points.

In Days 3 and 5, We saw Cyan screaming with the other eliminated contestants in the vat of lava.

Cyan did excellent in BMX Cycling 3 and was the highest-ranking of Yellow's team. Nevertheless, he was fined $487,502.47 and thought that Algicosathlon was not worth it. He also got Yellow mad at him for failing the final challenge.

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