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Blue is a male athlete in the Algicosathlon.

In the Algicosathlon, he was in the Final 6 along with Lavender, Purple, Pink, Lime, and Yellow before being eliminated, getting 6th place in Algicosathlon.


Blue has a nice, friendly personality, sometimes screaming out in excitement. Though he sometimes is sad when his best friends, such as his alliance members get eliminated. He is friends with almost everyone, with a few exceptions. He was particulary mad at Brown for causing him to crash in Day 2, and Lime for eliminating him in Day 11.

Memories of Blue

Blue started in the middle of the pack at 6th place. Coincidentally, he placed 6th overall, too.

Blue got involved in the biggest crash in Algicosathlon history. Placing 14th (second to last), Blue fell from 6th to 12th overall. It was a devastating time for Blue, like an emotional roller coaster with no ups. Just downs.

There were ups. In the first team challenge, Blue was the only athlete uninjured. Even though his team did eventually lose, Blue won many bonus points, rising to 7th/14. Not bad, but not good either.

TBH, Blue did not do so well in the sledding contest. He was second-to-worst. As a result, he fell back to 12th on the overall leaderboard.

Blue did surprisingly well in the long jump - 3rd place. Especially weird because blues cannot jump very high. Anyway, Blue was now safely in 5th place.

Blue's team won the tower defence event with the A-M team, and was now in 3rd place, his highest ever!

Blue's previous advantage, combined with his second place in rowing meant he was now in FIRST PLACE!

However, a mediocre performance in Basketball saw him fall back to 3rd.

Another 2 devastating performances in Excavation and Race to the Bowl saw him plummet to 6th place, which was now in the bottom half!

However, a 2nd place in BMX cycling was enough to send him back into 2nd overall.

Blue's team lost the hockey event as he was in the Short Names team. However, he stayed in second.

The next event would turn out to be pivotal for Blue, forcing him to second last with a last-place performance. Cocindentally, this was in 6th, where he started, end, and was in for both RTTBs.

Blue's okay performance in Bowling (4th) was not enough to send him out of elimination due to his previous lackluster performance, eliminating him in 6th place with 7236 points, over a thousand behind Yellow in 5th place.

In the end, Blue was only fined $230 thousand, which was not alot in Algodoo dollars. He was okay with his perforance but would have liked to actually receive money.


  • Coincidentally, Blue got 6th in both Race To The Bowl's and placed 6th overall.
  • If the double rejoin happened, he would've rejoined along with Cyan due to both of them being fan favourites. Blue would likely have remained with his current points while Cyan would receive points to be in the average amongst the other contenstants.
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