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Brown is an athlete in Algodecathlon and Algicosathlon. He placed an impressive 4th in Algodecathlon, but then got 13th in Algicosathlon.


Brown's personality is very normal guy, mostly staying in the background. He focuses on helping out his friends.

Memories of Brown

Brown started off in 3rd place on day 1.

On day 2, Brown collided with Orange which started the first crash. He placed 11th, and dropped to 6th. This made Lime 8th place overall.

On day 3, Brown was on the dark color team, which consisted of Brown, Purple, Olive, Navy, Blue, and Gray. His team lost, so he dropped to 11th. After the 4th challenge, he rose to 9th.

On day 4, Brown didn't jump very far. Due to this, he fell to last place, and was eliminated.

At the end of Day 5, Tan, Cyan, Red, and Magenta were seen screaming in a Vat of lava while Brown was making dying noises.

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