BMX is an event seen on Algicosathlon Day 2, Day 8 and Day 15 .The objective is to not fall into the abyss with multiple obstacles preventing you from staying on the track. Navy was the winner in the original event,Yellow won in the second time and Purple scored 1st place since Brown won.
Green saves Purple

Green nearly misses Purple in the BMX challenge. An act of Kindness.


The finale screenshot before the BMX cycling begun!

  BMX was the most voted event to return with 91 votes from viewers.  BMX also made its 3rd cameo in Algicosathlon Day 15 to conclude the series and decide either if Yellow or Purple would win. It came down to Cyan for Yellow's team and Brown for Purple's team, in the end Cyan ended up getting shot up in the air and into the abyss making Yellow lose the game and as for Brown, he made Purple win the game despite being 4th eliminated.
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