event 5 is here

22nd - White

21st - Purple

20th - Teal

19th - Tan


Yellow: i hope your color does good. I wish good luck to everyone who is participating

Red: Yellow just broke the 4th wall!

Lavender: i dont think i will do good this time.

Orange: I shall not be last.

Rainbow: my very first confessional. Good luck guys.

Event 5(immunity event) Basketball.

Immunity events work like this. First in this event is immune for a day(in this case day 6) and wont be seen again until the day after that(day 7)

The goal is to get your basketball in.

Yellow's basketball goes in first followed by Green,Cyan,Rainbow,Grey,Silver and Magenta.

Lime then gets in followed by Red,Navy,Blue,Gold,Pink,Lavender

Orange goes in next,Followed by Olive,Maroon and Black

Brown is last and is eliminated

As for Yellow. He wont be seen again until day 7.

Memories of Brown

Unlike in Algicosathlon. Brown did better in Algotrisathlon. Getting 9th place in day 1 and 6th place in day 2.

He did amazing at day 3 by lasting longest in weightlifting

He placed around the middle in 100 m race

finally his basketball came in last and he was eliminated

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