The event is a 100 m race.

First some confessionals.

Black: Hey guys. My very first confessional. Also good luck to all.

Yellow: im glad to be stil in. Ive heard making more confessionals get you far.


Green: i have an odd feeling i will get eliminated soon

Blue: I am doing great.

Event 4. 100 m race

since there are 19 athletes.

round 1 will have 8 athletes running,round 2 also has 8 athletes running and round 3 the final 3 athletes are running.

round 1.

Grey,Green,Red,Blue,Navy,Yellow,Rainbow and Orange.

Yellow finished in just 30 seconds.

standings later

Yellow 30

Green 105

Blue 103

Navy: 108

Red 44

Rainbow 57

Grey 100

Orange 49

round 2

Olive,Brown,Pink,Lavender,Magenta,Lime,Black and Tan

While Pink took a short time to finish. Poor Tan twitched and flung himself backward costing valuable time.

Pink 32

Brown 45

Magenta 109

Tan 125

Olive 100

Lime 55

Lavender 59

Black 102

round 3 Gold,Silver and Maroon all finish at 100,104 and 108 respectively

Tan is eliminated for taking the longest time

Memories of Tan

Tan placed 15th in RTTB. A pretty bad start

Tan was involved in the record breaking crash in Bmx.

Tan collapsed at 84 kgs in round 2. Pretty good.

Tan flung himself backwards in round 2 of 100 m race. That cost him precious time. But it was too late. Everyone else finished and he was eliminated

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