Its here. Last time on Algotrisathlon Purple got eliminated.


Red: Purple is a total noob. She came 2nd last in Algicosathlon and Algotrisathlon

Lavender: Nooo. Not again.

Blue: The challenge will be good right.

Yellow: I hope I go far the regular way. Not by getting eliminated and rejoining.


Event 3. Weightlifting

20 contestants remain. This is Carykh inspired. But a bit different. Red,Green and Blue balls will fly all over the place. Only difference is that there are 20 contestants and not 5/6

Blue collapses at 24 kg. Thats bad.

Green,Gold,Red,Teal,Pink and Lavender all collapse at 33,47,48,91 and 110 kgs respectively

round 2.

Yellow and Tan collapse nearly at the same time at 84 and 99 kgs respectively.


Brown survives the longest. Though Blue was the first to collapse. Teal is eliminated because he collapsed at just 19 kg.

22nd - White

21st - Purple

20th - Teal

Memories of Teal

Teal placed 18th on RTTB. Slightly worse than Purple

He fell 3rd in BMX and he was up for voting. But did not recieve any votes.

At weightlifting. He collapsed at 19 kgs in the second round and he was eliminated

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