Algotrisathlon day 2 is here. Before we get to the event. Lets hear the confessionals.

Gold: YES!!! i won the first round.

Green: its ok being 20th. After all. I was second last season

Yellow: Its good not to be eliminated. Now i can make more friends.

Tan: i think the event is BMX

Tan is right

Event 2. BMX cycling.

3 2 1 GO

Orange falls first,Followed by Purple and Teal. Lavender and Red fall next. Then 10 riders get involved in a record breaking crash. Yellow outlasts Maroon to win the event.

Red,Orange,Purple,Teal and Lavender are up for voting as they are the first 5 to fall. Vote one of them out of the game. voting is over

Purple is eliminated because she got her vote before Orange

Memories of Purple

Purple has a bad start eith 17th place in RTTB

She fell of second in BMX. Her only hope was voting. But she got 1 vote and was eliminated.

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