Its here. 22 athletes participating. There are colors from algicosathlon(except Cyan and new additions including Olive,Tan,Maroon,Gold,Rainbow,Teal and Silver

Event 1. Race to the bowl

I dont need to explain it.

Gold finished first,Followed by Red and Black. Since this will take a while i will skip to the bottom four. Green,White,Maroon and Orange are the bottom 4. Orange and Green finish. Maroon finished at the last second. White is eliminated!!


1st - Gold

2nd - Red

3rd - Black

4th - Blue

5th - Rainbow

6th - Olive

7th - Lavender

8th - Yellow

9th - Brown

10th - Pink

11th - Grey

12th - Silver

13th - Navy

14th - Lime

15th - Tan

16th - Magenta

17th - Purple

18th - Teal

19th - Orange

20th - Green

21st - Maroon


22nd White.

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