1: Tan is very bad at Race to the Bowl, but he is very good at BMX Cycling. It is possible that he wanted to do extra good in Day 15, after his elimination in Day 1.

2: In Algicosathlon Day 2, the athletes were doing BMX Cycling, and Orange was responible for the biggest crash in Algicosathlon history. First, he bumped into Brown which caused him to slip, causing Lavender, Blue, Lime, Red and Olive to trip also, and one-by-one they all fell into the abyss. Olive almost escaped, but he tripped on Red.

3: In Day 10, Blue was 83 points from being eliminated. Orange, who was eliminated had 4,843 points, and Blue had 4,929 points. 

4: It is possible that Purple watches Battle for Dream Island (Again) because in Day 15, at the awards ceremony, when Purple got a 1st place badge she said "YOYLECAKE!" which is what Bubble from BFDI (A) says when she is happy.

5: Purple (1st place) has 69,916 times more points than Tan (16th place) has. 

6: Purple may be similar to Ice Cube from Battle for Dresm Island in some ways because in Day 11, when Pink accidently hit Purple with her bowling ball, Purple wanted revenge. The similarity is that Ice Cube wants revenge sometimes also. And ironically, a time when Ice Cube wanted revenge is when Leafy put a bowling ball on Ice Cube that shattered her. 

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