Hello! FusionFury9 Here. This is my way of the Algicosathlon in Day 2 that is.

This is going to take much longer than the real Algicosathlon because Algodoo athletes are much weaker than human athletes. (True)

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Welcome back to my Algicosathlon sorry for the hiatus

School is messing me up. I have been slacking off lately...


1st: Red 100 pts

2nd: Tan 70 pts

3rd: Lime 50 pts

4th: Lavender 40 pts

5th: Blue 30 pts

6th: Gray 25 pts

7th: Yellow 20 pts

8th: Green 15 pts

9th: Cyan 12 pts

10th: Purple 10 pts

11th: Navy 8 pts

12th: Orange 6 pts

13th: Pink 4 pts

14th: Brown 3 pts

15th: Magenta 2 pts

16th: Olive 1 pt [ELIMINATED]

BMX Bicycling

White: The next event is BMX Bicycling.

Cyan: But I hate BMX Bicycling!!!

Navy and Purple: Well, not me.

Cyan: Easy for you to say, you were the top two in the event.


White: Here are the points up for grabs.

1st: 150 pts

2nd: 105 pts

3rd: 75 pts

4th: 60 pts

5th: 45 pts

6th: 38 pts

7th: 30 pts

8th: 23 pts

9th: 18 pts

10th: 15 pts

11th: 12 pts

12th: 9 pts

13th: 6 pts

14th: 5 pts

15th: 3 pts

The Happening

White 3,2,1, Go!

As usual they go in point order.

Lap 1

They go off a small jump all make it except Lavender started a crash!!!!

Gray, Tan and Blue joined Lavender in the crash.

(The order they fell off)

15th: Lavender (again)

14th: Tan

13th: Gray

12th: Blue

The thingy closes... you know what I mean.

White: This is boring already let's add a speed bump.

*Speed Bump randomly appears*

Lap 2

Red hits the speed bump oh no!

Lime joins Red in the crash however Lime balanced back up and went on leaving Red in the dust.

11th: Red

Lap 3

Like Olive attracting to Lime. Yellow started chasing Lime. They both hit the speed bump and fell to bottomless death.

10th: Lime

9th: Yellow

Lap 4

Purple gets evil again and trips Cyan off the course but, Green decided to join him and fell off the first jump.

8th: Cyan

7th: Green

Purple got karma she fell off the speed bump as well.

6th: Purple

Lap 5

Final 5:

Orange, Magenta, Navy, Pink, and Brown.

Hey the Final 5 are all the people in the bottom 5 in the scores.

Now this was unusual Brown hit the speed bump with bumped him up. Then he hit Magenta and Navy and fell with Brown.

5th: Navy

4th: Brown

3rd: Magenta

Lap 6

Final 2

Orange and Pink

Wow! They both survive Lap 6

Lap 7

Pink tipped over and fell on the speed bump and Orange won!

Orange: Yes!!!!!!

Purple: Luck, just luck.

Orange: Oh stop talking.

Pink: Agh so close!

Navy: At least you did good.

Pink: Thanks!


Algicosathlon Elimination Area

White: Welcome to the new elimination.

Credit to JacknJellify for the assets.

Orange and Red are safe with 156 and 112 points respectively.

Pink is the last one with over 100 points with 109 points. She is also safe.

Magenta and Tan are safe with 77 and 75 points.

Lime is safe with 65 points.

Brown is safe at 63 points.

Navy is also safe with 53 points 10 less than Brown

Purple, Green, and Lavender are safe with 48, 45, and 43 points.

Blue is safe with 39 points.

Final 3:

Yellow, Gray, Cyan

Yellow is safe. (38 points)

Gray, Cyan, one of you will be eliminated. That person is...

GRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! with 31 points you are eliminated

Cyan is safe with 35.

Gray: Aww I guess it is time for me to go.

White: Yes. Yes it is.

*Gray falls into lava pit*

Gray's Memories:

Gray got 6th place in RTTB which gave him 25 points.

Gray did horrible in BMX Bicycling he got 14th place with only Lavender losing as usual.

Lavender: HEY!


1st: Orange 156 points

2nd: Red 112 points

3rd: Pink 109 points

4th: Magenta 77 points

5th: Tan 75 points

6th: Lime 65 points

7th: Brown 63 points

8th: Navy 53 points

9th: Purple 48 points

10th: Green 45 points

11th: Lavender 43 points

12th: Blue 39 points

13th: Yellow 38 points

14th: Cyan 35 points

15th: Gray 31 points [ELIMINATED]

16th: Olive 1 point [ELIMINATED]

See you in Day 3


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