Algicosathlon is an Algodoo competition consisting of 20 events. It is combination of Algodoo and icosathlon.

The first Algicosathlon was made by carykh on November 18th 2012. It was titled, "Algicosathlon Day 1". The series has amassed a total of 21 million views as of May 19th 2020. Lavender deserves to win in it! She is so cute and hot (Actually not)

List of Users With The Most Viewed Algicosathlon Videos

This is an incomplete list of people who have created an Algicosathlon series that has a video with over 100,000 views as of May 19th 2020.

Over 1 million:

  • carykh
  • Jack Spero
  • Erikfassett
  • Sc9849
  • Algorox
  • LucidSigma

100 thousand to 1 million:

  • Pokpower8
  • BlueIce57
  • Minecraft Iron Axe
  • David Rycan
  • John Dubuc
  • Algobelt Official
  • Super Hyper Guy
  • Dancingfb18
  • Feramersi 0


  • Most Algicosathlon creators also create marble races.
  • When Cary made his first Algicosathlon, he chose Race To The Bowl as his first event. This would inspire other makers, who would also follow this tradition in their own Algicosathlon series.
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