Algicosathlon Day 5

Algicosathlon Day 5

Algicosathlon Day 5

Algicosathlon Day 5 was released in 22th November, 2012. It's the fifth day of Algicosathlon. This day has two events.


Event 6

Event 6 is a team event. The team event is tower defense. The athletes are separated into two teams. One is A-M colors team and one is N-Z colors team. Since the A-M colors won, the athletes in the A-M colors all got 100 points but the losing team got no points. This is not an individual event so no elimination.

Event 7

Event 7 is rowing and this event has elimination. Athletes rowed in two groups of six. Magenta got last in the event. She fell to last and was eliminated. For more information about Magenta, see Magenta.

Event Screenshot

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